Bleddyn Pugh. Dirion, Llanddarog, Carmarthen. SA32 8PG.

We are very pleased with our crop of foals again this year by Brynrodyn Sion. Three of the colts are show quality and two show quality fillys.
Dirion Ffloyd Dirion Ffloyd
Sire: Brynrodyn Sion.
Dam: Dirion Caniad.
Dirion Ffloyd is a very good colt. He was born cream and has now gone creamy grey. He is a full brother to Dirion Dewi, a consistent prize winner 2010 and 2011.
Dirion Ffloyd Dirion Ffloyd
Dirion Ffefryn Dirion Ffefryn
Sire: Brynrodyn Sion.
Dam: Sardis Deryn.
Another good colt, who is very friendly and a real show-off
Dirion Fferyll Dirion Fferyll
Sire: Brynrodyn Sion.
Dam: Crugmelyn Anwen.
A very nice red bay foal, who is a very good mover with a good long front and would make a good ride and drive pony.
Dirion Ffion Dirion Ffion
Sire: Brynrodyn Sion.
Dam: Brynrodyn Siani
Despite arriving very early, this is a top class filly, with a beautiful head, good bone and well marked having four white socks. A real good mover.
Dirion Ffanci Dirion Ffanci
Sire: Brynrodyn Sion.
Dam: Brynrodyn Bethan
A very pretty filly and a really good mover. Not very big but you don't have diamonds as big as bricks.
Dirion Ffodus Dirion Ffodus
Sire: Brynrodyn Sion.
Dam: Dirion Betsan.
A dark grey colt, who is a first foal from a young mare. He has a very nice head and should make a good childs pony.